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Share the Story of Ubuntu in Your City

I am gathering stories about groups of Ubuntu enthusiasts, advocates, and contributors for an upcoming project. If you are part of an active Ubuntu group that has formed in your city (or town) and that has regular face-to-face gatherings with the central theme of Ubuntu, I'd love to hear from you. Examples of the types of things I'm interested in: When did you first start meeting? How often do you gather? What do you typically do when together? How many people are in your group? ... and anything else you'd like to share. Either post to the comments ...

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Make Charm Debugging Easier, with DHX

Juju makes things really simple. But, like you, I'm not content to stop at simple. I'm always looking for ways to make things even simpler so that I have more time to work on tough problems (e.g. spreading Ubuntu in my city.) Today my colleague Corey Johns pointed me to DHX, a cool plugin for Juju that he developed. Even simpler! I hope you find this useful. Click to learn more! And please remember to thank Corey for his excellent work.

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A while back, as part of my new role, I began looking for opportunities to: Challenge the status quo, and, Connect people together that want to solve big problems. (Luckily, the two are closely related.) Recently, I was introduced to some fine folks at SiteOx in Franklin, TN (that's just outside of Memphis) that happen to have some really fast POWER8 systems that provide infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). I mentioned that previously unknown tidbit to some of my colleagues (who are are awesome Juju Charmers) to see if/how the service could be used to speed Juju Charm development. As it ...

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Ubuntu Governance Reboot: Five Proposals

Sorry, this is long, but hang in there. A little while back I wrote a blog post that seemed to inspire some people and ruffle the feathers of some others. It was designed as a conversation-starter for how we can re-energize leadership in Ubuntu. When I kicked off the blog post, Elizabeth quite rightly gave me a bit of a kick in the spuds about not providing a place to have a discussion, so I amended the blog post to a link to this thread where I encourage your feedback and participation. Rather unsurprisingly, there was some good feedback, before ...

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Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #5

The quotes below are real(ish). "Hi honey, did you just call me? I got a weird message that sounded like you were in some kind of trouble. All I could hear was traffic noise and sirens..." "I'm sorry. I must have dialed your number by mistake. I'm not in the habit of dialing my ex-boyfriends, but since you asked, would you like to go out with me again? One more try?" "Once a friend called me and I heard him fighting with his wife. It sounded pretty bad." "I got a voicemail one time and it was ...

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