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Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #5

The quotes below are real(ish). "Hi honey, did you just call me? I got a weird message that sounded like you were in some kind of trouble. All I could hear was traffic noise and sirens..." "I'm sorry. I must have dialed your number by mistake. I'm not in the habit of dialing my ex-boyfriends, but since you asked, would you like to go out with me again? One more try?" "Once a friend called me and I heard him fighting with his wife. It sounded pretty bad." "I got a voicemail one time and it was ...

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Ubuntu Vancouver Loco's Last Day

Greetings Ubuntu Vancouver, and friends from around the world. It is with no regret that I make this announcement today, an announcement that has been in the works for months, and on many Ubuntu Vancouverites' minds for much longer. Today will be the last day of the Ubuntu Vancouver Loco. November 15th seems a fitting day to pull the trigger on this. It's election day in Vancouver, which means new possibilities and hopefully a brand new mandate for our fantastic Mayor Gregor. You see, Mayor Gregor has challenged the status quo in Vancouver, and continues to do so every ...

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On Building Intentional Culture, With Words - A Small Refinement

Earlier, I wrote about how words shape our thoughts, and our culture. (You can read the original post here: http://randall.executiv.es/words-build-culture) In that post, I introduced a graphic that I have since needed to revise. After further thought, I realized that there are not only words that originated in the "Dark Ages of Computing" but also ones that are rooted in the "Good Old Days" of Ubuntu. Those days of yore when the project was smaller, simpler, and less diverse. Here it is: Words from the "Good Old Days of Ubuntu" are also worthy of a firewall ...

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On Building Intentional Culture, With Words

Our languages and the words they contain define us. You don't have to believe me. You can go and convince yourself first. Here's an excerpt: New cognitive research suggests that language profoundly influences the way people see the world... Russian speakers, who have more words for light and dark blues, are better able to visually discriminate shades of blue. Some indigenous tribes say north, south, east and west, rather than left and right, and as a consequence have great spatial orientation. The Piraha, whose language eschews number words in favor of terms like few and many, are not ...

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Ubuntu Governance: Reboot?

For many years Ubuntu has had a comprehensive governance structure. At the top of the tree are the Community Council (community policy) and the Technical Board (technical policy). Below those boards are sub-councils such as the IRC, Forum, and LoCo councils, and developer assessment boards. The vast majority of these boards are populated by predominantly non-Canonical folks. I think this is a true testament to the openness and accessibility of governance in Ubuntu. There is no “Canonical needs to have people on half the board” shenanigans…if you are a good leader in the Ubuntu community, you could be on ...

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