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MongoDB MUG March Madness

A fun tongue twister to say, MongoDB MUG March Madness!

Last February, the MUG organisers around the world wanted to compete in a Global MongoDB User Group (MUG) Hackathon. The global challenge event was aptly named MongoDB March Madness. If you’re like me and had never heard of March Madness let me explain:

March Madness is an annual Division 1 college basketball tournament in the U.S. which leads up to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Finals. MongoDB March Madness does not have much to do with the basketball game, however, since the event is happening in March, the name fits quite well!

Seven local user groups got together and hacked away together and built tools to support the growing MongoDB community.  This was capped off by having their final products judged by MongoDB Engineers.

This year we’re doing it again and we have even more MUGS to take part, we’re happy to say we’ve 120 MUGs globally. We want the MUGs to join us in our celebration of the second annual March Madness. With that in mind and it being the 2nd year to do this we thought we’d do something a little different but still have fun and madness in the process.

We are going to send a MongoDB engineer to speak at your MUGs in March!

In order to get a MongoDB engineer at your MUG please fill out the following form by November 28. After your submission, we will be in touch to set up the user group meeting and to discuss additional details. It’s going to be epic and I cannot wait to see all the photos in March of the MUGs taking place

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