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Ubuntu Friends,

Some news from Ubuntu Vancouver and also from our sister group, Ubuntu Mars:

In 1975, NASA launched the historic billion–dollar mission to land on Mars and to photograph its surface. It was the most ambitious space science project in history and it was a resounding success. Well, almost...

All but a few images were lost. Why? Depending on who you ask, you'll get a bunch of excuses, apologies, or even silence. My best information (from the source) tells me it was a result of data loss, indirectly related to the misapplication of proprietary software and tools to a public mission. Proprietary software has no place in projects that are funded by the public for the public. Lesson learned? Hopefully.

A few years back, when I was just getting started building Ubuntu Vancouver, I met Kip Warner who introduced me to one of the most profound and interesting projects I had ever heard of: a project to create a game on Ubuntu that would allow people to design a new society based on Mars as a way to learn why Earth is broken and how to build a future society that actually works.

There was just a *tiny* snag: In order to get the imagery to create the game, Kip and his crew had to first recover the Viking images. More info is available here:


This ground breaking software (licensed under GPLv3, and totally rockin' on Ubuntu), originally intended as an internal research tool, is now available to you for only $15.


The Avaneya team will have a lot more to showcase with you over the coming weeks, including already complete beautiful concept artwork.

Thanks for helping us with this important mission! See you on Mars!

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