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This event is part of Ubuntu 10.10.10 Release Party
Tue, 12 Oct. 2010 12:00 - 17:00 UTC

Are you paying large sums of money for Office Suites, graphics, photo-editing and desktop publishing tools? We'll help you explore reputable free alternatives with free online support.
If you’re suffering from slow, choked-up, misbehaving PCs and laptops but can’t afford new ones, we’ll show you how to get them running swiftly and smoothly again with a user-friendly alternative to Windows or Mac OS. The new Ubuntu desktop doesn’t clog up and isn’t vulnerable to viruses or hacks.
Take a hands-on tour around the desktop and some of the software available for it, learn how to re-install your computers and do basic administration tasks yourself. Find out where and how to get free community help with Ubuntu and other Free Software.
This workshop will be the first of our regular free ‘accidental techie’ social networking, advice and help events.
Who's it for?
Anyone who would like to reduce their software costs and use their existing ICT resources more sustainably -- for a charity, voluntary or community group, environmental group, or social enterprise – everyone welcome, we'll take care to keep the language non-technical and the environment friendly.
Topics covered:
Introduction to Ubuntu Desktop
How to install Ubuntu on a typical laptop, PC or netbook
Guided tour of the Desktop and basic admin
Finding and installing software for all your usual tasks
Fossbox workshop is in Stephen & Matilda Community Rooms, 46 Matilda House, St Katharines Way, London E1W 1LG - get directions and full contact details here: http://www.fossbox.org.uk/?q=node/3
There will be free Ubuntu installation CDs to take away.
There will also be a helpsheet showing you where to download the software used during the session and install it onto a Windows desktop using the normal Windows installer.

FOSSBox Workshop
46 Matilda House
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