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This event is part of Quantal- Ubuntu 12.10 Release party
Fri, 19 Oct. 2012 16:00 - 18:00 -06

In the event there may be several thing. Like

  • What and Why is Ubuntu.

  • Who are we (Buntu lover).

  • How to Ubuntu?

  • What's new in Ubuntu 12.10.

  • Projecting Tears of Steel.

  • Some demo on Blender

There may be a buntu iso collection booth, where we may provide Ubuntu and it's variants iso, because we can not provide dvd. Also an install and support booth, where interested people can install buntu on there PC and can make necessary tweaking.

It is a celebration, so we may have a cake and some refreshment for the participants.

Daffodil International University
Mirpur Road, Sobhanbagh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1 Comment

  1. Abdullah Al Mamun Russell

    এত তারাতারি ? যা হোক ধন্যবাদ নুর।

    28 September 2012

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