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Ubuntu Hour San Francisco - July

Wed, 12 July 2017 18:00 - 19:00 PDT

For the first time in over a year, we're hosting a casual gathering of Ubuntu enthusiasts in downtown San Francisco, at a Starbucks just south of the Montgomery Street MUNI/BART station.

A lot has changed since our last Ubuntu Hour in San Francisco all the way back in the spring of 2016. The decision to stop development on Unity and the Ubuntu Phone/Tablet, the switch to Ubuntu GNOME for 17.10 and beyond. Join us to talk about this news and share your thoughts about the future and current work and projects you're doing with Ubuntu.

Afterwards, at 7:10, you're also welcome to join the nearby Bay Area Debian dinner that we'll be having at Henry's Hunan on Natoma street. Details about this dinner were announced here: http://bad.debian.net/pipermail/bad/2017-July/003779.html

Starbucks New Montgomery Street
San Francisco
74 New Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94105 , California
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