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Ubuntu Korea Community Monthly Seminar (July, 2017)

Sat, 29 July 2017 13:30 - 18:00 KST

*Main Sessions

Maker activity using Ubuntu Desktop
- Homin Lee - KossLab

Micromouse using MSP430
- Junho Kim - Dongkuk University

Basic Webhacking
- Yerang Lee - Ultraindex

Q2 Group studies reports
- Mail Server & DNS Server Building Study
- Basic Mathmatics Study

Q&A Session
Ask questions to main session speakers

*Lighting Tallks(up to 5minutes for each)

How to use Git great even you know nothing about it
- Gunyong Yoon - Vice Leader, Ubuntu Korea Community

Integrating Slack and IRC
- Youngbin Han - Leader, Ubuntu Korea Community

Using terminal in weird way
- Heehyung Jung

We can't pay parking fee or any supports for you.
Please use bus or subway.

If you want to take part in as a Speaker, feel free to contact!
Youngbin Han (Leader) +82 10-9587-8376, korea.ubuntu@gmail.com

We wil take a party after seminar.
Basic party fee is 20,000won.(About $20, Until high school students are pay only 5,000won, $5)

Toz - Gangnam Toz Tower Branch
대한민국 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로84길 24-4
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