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Ubuntu Local Jam/Debian Bug Squashing Party

Sun, 04 Dec. 2011 10:00 - 17:30 PST

When, Where, What

The Ubuntu Local Jam and Debian Bug Squashing Party will be held at the
PuppetLabs office in downtown Portland from 10am to 5:30pm on Sunday,
December 4. Again, the address is:

411 NW Park Ave
Suite 500
Portland, OR 97219

Many thanks to PuppetLabs for hosting us!

To participate fully in the event, please bring your own computer with you.
(laptop/netbook/tablet/wearable computer?)

What are we working on?

When considering possible topics for Ubuntu and Debian to collaborate on
today, one in particular stands out: multiarch.


Both Debian and Ubuntu have multiarch support as a goal for the next
release. Unfortunately, there are a lot of packages that need to be changed
to make that a reality. Fortunately, we have converting these packages
down to an art!


Even if you know nothing about changing packages, you can still help out!
We've prepared a wiki page that tells you everything you need to know about
how to modify a package.


If you haven't worked with source packages before, it's recommended that
you read this page before the Jam on Sunday. But if you don't get to it,
don't worry - we'd still like to see you!

In addition to this main theme, we have a number of other tasks lined up to
entertain our community members, regardless of background.

  • Ubuntu SRU verifications: Brian Murray will lead us through the process
    of verifying Stable Release Updates for Ubuntu, helping bug fixes from
    the Ubuntu developers make their way to users.

  • Ubuntu bitesized bugs: multiarch too boring? There are many small bugs
    in Ubuntu that could use your help.

  • Debian release-critical bugs: of course, multiarch is not the only issue
    for the upcoming Wheezy release. Let's spend some time looking at those
    release-critical bugs... maybe we can even give the German BSP a run for
    their money this weekend :)

411 NW Park , OR
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