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Getting Your Team Verified

Ubuntu LoCo teams fall into two approximate categories:

  • New Teams - these are teams that are in the process of getting started and have not yet been officially approved as an Ubuntu LoCo team.
  • Verified Teams - a verified team is a team that is up and running, has each of the required resources in operation and the team is working well.

For more information on getting verified, you can look at getting your LoCo team approved and the LoCo Team FAQs pages created by the LoCo Council.

Getting Your Team Verified

Every two years each LoCo team must be verified. LoCo teams will be contacted by a member of the LoCo Council notifying the team that it is time for them to be Re-verified. The LoCo team then will need to create an application, much like the initial verification application showing that they have been active in the community in the past two years.

For more information on getting verified, the LoCo Council has created the LoCo Team Verification guidelines.

Verified Teams:

Re-Verifications in the next 6 months:

Re-Verifications later on: