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Agenda Items

  • Find more events to go toClinton Hunter

    (Carried over from July meeting) Importance/Priority: HIGH Brainstorm ideas for finding more events to go to? Accomplishing this would make the sub-agenda items below more viable - mrshr3d

    • Event documentaries & YouTube Clinton Hunter

      Importance/Priority: LOW Ad hoc recording of events (release parties etc), and create ubuntuau YouTube account for uploading. Might encourage/inspire membership and team involvement - mrshr3d

    • Professionally-made Name BadgesClinton Hunter

      Importance/Priority: LOW For use at release parties and events. I'm doing up a design and researching options. Might help team spirit/motivation? - mrshr3d

  • Roll CallJared Norris

    A quick welcome to the meeting and a chance for everyone to log their attendance with the meeting bot.

  • Ubuntu-AU Doc JamBenjamin Donald-Wilson

    Just saying that I will be running a doc jam for Global Jam on the 2nd of September from 7PM to 9PM AEST time.

    Sorry if I'm not at the meeting on Sunday because I have to go to school the next day. --benny.

  • Ubuntu-au Mailing List & GmailBoden Matthews

    Priority: Very low It seems the Ubuntu-au mailing lists (and by extension, all Ubuntu mailing lists) has troubles with Gmail and the anti-phishing filter. For people who get the daily digest, the warning does not appear. For those who get every message as it comes, upon opening the message, Gmail warns them that it thinks the message is phishing, because it shows as being sent from the email of the sender, but the headers show as being sent from "chlorine.canonical.com".

    Quick note - This is in the hands of Canonical System Admins already as it affects all Ubuntu mailing lists, not just ours - Jared Norris (head_victim).

  • Localised Ubuntu-AU cdimageJoel Pickett

    Following on from the blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-cd-localization , it is an aim of the oneiric cycle to create localised CD images for respective LoCos. Decide significance and details such as potential wallpaper/DIY artwork, extra packages/documentation to be installed, etc.