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  • Loco Re-ApprovalJared Norris

    Our team will be due for re-approval in the coming cycle (Saucy) so we need to start thinking about getting our application together for re-approval, if we want to be considered for re-approval that is.

    The benefits of re-approval are that it's easier to access supporting resources from Canonical and provides recognition for efforts put in by the team.

    At our current level of activity I have strong doubts about being successfully re-approved but I'm more than happy for others to step in and work towards this goal. I would be more than willing to help and guide people through the process. Should people want to drive this I do believe there is still currently enough time to turn the activity around before the re-approval.

    The purpose of raising this at this meeting is to get people thinking about it, we don't currently have a date we need to be prepared by, all I know is that it's in the Saucy cycle. Also, by raising it now it allows time for the turnaround if people want that to occur, at least the option is there rather than having a week to prepare.

    More information is available on the website at - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval