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Agenda Items

  • Action Item reviewBrian Curtis

    Review progress on previous meetings action items.

  • Installfest Organizational TeamKevin Cole

    The idea of an InstallFest has been raised a few times, but the when, where and how are sort of vague.

  • Flyer design and distribution TeamKevin Cole

    In order to reach the unwashed masses, flyers for laundry rooms, community centers, library bulletin boards, restaurants, etc. See http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/StartGuide#Useful_Documents.2C_Templates.2C_Files_and_Examples and http://spreadubuntu.org/

  • LoCo Idea Possibilities TeamBrian Curtis

    There was some brainstorming post-meeting last month. See the end of the full IRC log.

  • Ubuntu-US-DC Self ImageKevin Cole

    Who are we and who do we want to be?

  • Upcoming event discussionKevin Cole

    Are there any?

  • How early do we need to prepare for each major LoCo event?Kevin Cole

    Coordinating people's time and resources...

  • Chair for next meetingBrian Curtis

    A thankless task. ;-)