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Agenda Items

  • Admin restaffingMichael Hall

    It was proposed that we should make Alan a Launchpad team admin

  • New team lead/contact electionsChris Crisafulli

    One of the things that I feel could really help the team would be to elect a new team lead. There are tons of dedicated members that have done some really awesome work in spreading Ubuntu and promoting our team, perhaps we could come together and nominate a potential team lead or maybe establish a council that could help drive the team going towards the future.

  • Online presence focusMichael Hall

    I'd also like to kick off a discussion of what resources we want to focus on as a team. We currently have this mailing list, the IRC channel, a Facebook page, a Google+ Page, a Twitter account, a forum on ubuntuforums.org, a wiki page, a flickr group and a now-offline website. I think we'd be better off picking just 2 or 3 of these and promoting them.

  • Recurring meetingsMichael Hall

    We should get back into the habit of having regular team meetings. Let's pick a schedule we can all stick to.