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  • FOSSETCON Team ActivityMichael Hall

    After the loss of Florida Linux Show, we're finally getting another open source conference in our state: FOSSETCON

    There will be several people representing Ubuntu there, and hopefully many of the Florida LoCo team will be able to attend also. Let's plan out what we can do as a team to help with this event.

  • Team re-verification processMichael Hall

    We lost our verification status a while back, which means we can't request free DVDs from Canonical anymore. However, now that we've got a new team council and starting to have more activity, we have the opportunity to get re-verified.

    The LoCo Council, which is responsible for verifying teams, has a bug report for tracking our application: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/1258706

    We need to get our application in good condition for them to evaluate it, so let's go over what we have, what we need, and who's going to work on what.