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  • A2 Hosting partnershipCraig Maloney

    Hi Craig;

    My name is Brad Litwin and I am the Marketing Manager for A2 Hosting. We are an Ann Arbor based web hosting company (as you could probably guess by the A2 in our name).

    I was looking at some local web developer organizations that we might want to get involved in and yours was one of the very first ones I came across. After looking into your group a little more, I began to kick myself because I've never contacted you before!

    The reason I'm writing is because I think we need to work together. Someway. Somehow. Here are some ideas I had. You might have some of your own that I would love to hear about since organizers of similar meetups tend to be thought leaders.

    -We have an affiliate program that the organization could use. We would donate $85 right back to you for any customers you send our way.

    -We can offer your users special discounts when they sign up for A2 Hosting.

    -Hosting sponsorship in return for a small ad.

    I realize reputation is everything. I welcome you to Google "A2 Hosting reviews". I have no doubt you'll be impressed by our stellar reputation. So what do you think? How can we work together?

  • Penguicon release partyCraig Maloney

    Status on release party at Penguicon

  • Global Jam in MarchCraig Maloney

    Update on planning for the March Global Jam

  • Swag for our upcoming eventsCraig Maloney

    Status of SWAG request to Canonical