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Agenda Items

  • Loco Re-approvalCraig Maloney

    We're up for re-approval!

    • Re-approval applicationCraig Maloney

      Please visit the re-approval application to see if there's anything else that needs mentioning


    • Team ReportsCraig Maloney

      Review the Team Reports for anything that might be missing.


    • Appear before the loco councilCraig Maloney

      Add our re-approval application to the agenda:


      Show up on October 18th in #ubuntu-meeting around 4pm.

  • Release PartyCraig Maloney

    Oneiric is releasing on October 13th. Come on out to celebrate!

    Need to finalize plans for oneiric release.

  • 11.10 CDsCraig Maloney

    I've ordered the 11.10 CDs. Once we have them, if anyone wants a CD, please contact me. Will also send some CDs to Ben in an Ubuntu care-package.