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  • Mailing List Stephen Michael Kellat

    We have two, one that's LaunchPad's and one is on lists.ubuntu.com, which one should we use for the team?

  • Twitter AccountStephen Michael Kellat

    Does anybody know we have a Twitter account even?


  • Ubuntu Global Jam Stephen Michael Kellat

    February 6-8, 2015. We should hold a rally. Reports to be received as to locations under consideration whether we can find space in a Cleveland locale or if we will pursue the option of a centrally located Ohio State Parks lodge.

  • Leadership Transition Stephen Michael Kellat

    Due to circumstances beyond his control, Stephen Michael Kellat appears required to stand down as Leader and Point of Contact for Ubuntu Ohio. This is prompted by his conditions of employment as a federal civil servant. We must discuss the way forward.

    SEE ALSO: http://erielookingproductions.info/ubuntu/2014/12/62-reluctantly-facing-change

  • Any Other Business (AOB) Stephen Michael Kellat

    Anything we forgot to add to the formal list? What else do we need to discuss?