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Agenda Items

  • IntroductionsAnthony Hook

    -Meet and greet those at meeting -Global Jam Overview -Review notes from last meeting -T-shirts? (Artwork)

  • Milwaukee Ubuntu Hour, Sept 2 18:00-19:00Ian Weisser
    • Location: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/1093/detail/
    • Meet-and-greet
    • Gauge interests for future specialty events
    • On IRC, too
  • Brainstorm idea triage, Sep 3 12:00-15:00Ian Weisser
    • IRC-only event
    • brainstorm.ubuntu.com has over 1500 pages of untriaged ideas.
    • Different from bug triage.
    • Required: Understanding of the various packages/teams that make up Ubuntu, patience to help new users.
    • All training provided; no experience necessary!
    • Great way to learn more about Ubuntu's team structure, and help keep Brainstorm relevant as a tool for developers
  • Bug TriageIan Weisser
    • IRC-only event
    • Need lead for this event
    • Need date/time for this event
    • Help triage bugs together!
    • No experience necessary, training and mentoring provided.