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Agenda Items

  • Welcoming and IntroductionWesley Werner

    The chairperson introduces him-/herself and welcomes everyone to the meeting while he asks everyone to sign the attendance register by way of introducing themselves to the channel bot Maaz. eg: Maaz: I am FirstName LastName

  • Review previous minutesWesley Werner


  • Administrativia & AnnouncementsWesley Werner

    The chair gves a brief background about procedures and makes a few announcements or allows somebody to talk on his behalf.

  • Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedbackWesley Werner

    Experiences, good and bad about upcoming version of Ubuntu, if available. Exciting new developments?

    Release schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule

  • EventsWesley Werner

    Past and Future Events

    • Add events here
  • More to be added above this lineWesley Werner
  • Elect chairperson for next meetingWesley Werner
  • ClosingWesley Werner

    Next meeting: Monday, 15 April 2013 at 19:30