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Agenda Items

  • WelcomeWesley Werner

    Welcome everyone and give the link to this agenda.

  • Announcements and AdminWesley Werner

    Bring up any points todo with the agenda or meeting organization.

  • Review previous minutesWesley Werner

    Briefly go over the agreed and admin items from last time. [http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-04-15-17-33-52.txt]

  • EventsWesley Werner

    Discuss any past and upcoming events.

    • FeedbackMiles Sharpe

      Please guys, try to give feedback from events as soon as possible after the event has taken place!

    • OBS HackFest 25 May SaturdayDavid Robert Lewis

      Robot Derby, Code Hack and Hacker Fair see: https://www.facebook.com/events/474257305987287/?fref=ts

      We are requesting support for the obligatory Ubuntu demo and hand out of free software to the public who will be attending combined Open Street Initiative and 100 things in 1 Day event.

      also see https://www.piratepad.ca/p/obshack

  • Ubuntu UDS 14-16 MayWesley Werner