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Agenda Items

  • Welcoming and IntroductionJohan Mynhardt

    Welcome everyone back, and newcomers too.

  • Review Previous MinutesJohan Mynhardt


  • Administrativia & AnnouncementsJohan Mynhardt
    • NicksMiles Sharpe

      Allowing only registered Nick names in #ubuntu-za. Switchable if possible

  • EventsJohan Mynhardt
  • The current state of Internet in South Africa - ContinuedJohan Mynhardt

    Review the questions from the last meeting, and discuss how we can make a difference in the advancement of internet in South Africa.

  • Ways to help the Ubuntu CommunityJohan Mynhardt

    Requested by eyesonly

  • MiscellaneousJohan Mynhardt
  • Elect chairperson for next meetingJohan Mynhardt
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, March 25th, 2014Johan Mynhardt