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March Madness comes to a city near you

Before Christmas, I  announced that MongoDB was planning to celebrate its own version of “March Madness” called MongoDB March Madness, an event featuring 27 of our European MongoDB User Groups.  This is the second annual March MUG Madness, and we’re thrilled that the number of requests to take part has only continued to grow.

 March Madness is an annual Division 1 college basketball tournament in the U.S. which leads up to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Finals. MongoDB March Madness does not have much to do with the basketball game, however, since the event is happening in March, the name fits quite well!

 I wasn’t sure how many would take part in the Madness, it’s been a lot of fun to organise and even more to see the various engineers take part in the event, each bringing with them their own style and ideas to the MUGs so no two talks are alike.

 It’s been great to see the MUGs tell their stories, show their previous events and want to take part in the madness. I hope this trend continues and even more take part next year!  If you don’t know about MongoDB or want to learn more it’s a great opportunity to attend and meet some of our engineers.

  1. Amsterdam

  2. Barcelona

  3. Berlin

  4. Cambridge

  5. Casablanca

  6. Copenhagen

  7. Dnipropetrovsk

  8. Dublin

  9. Dusseldorf

  10. Edinburgh

  11. Geneva

  12. Gent

  13. Hamburg

  14. Krakow

  15. Lisbon

  16. London

  17. Madrid

  18. Moscow

  19. Milan

  20. Munich

  21. Oporto

  22. Paris

  23. Rome

  24. Sevilla

  25. Stockholm

  26. Tel Aviv

  27. Vienna

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