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Being busy and trying to prioritise your workload

I’m busy! I’ve noticed more and more that’s all people seem to say lately. As soon as you say hi how’s things? Or how have you been? It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a developer, sales, marketing, accounting or admin everyone is busy. But that’s life and we all have a role to play and sometimes it is just that. It’s busy. I know each day when I boot up my trusty Penny, I have a tasks to do that are repetitious: Open up email, calendar, Kanbhan board and then log ...

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What I’ve learned from working from home in a distributed team and organisation

Working from home in a distributed team within and organisation can definitely be a plus but with it comes some hurdles to get used to. This is my 3rd role in which I’ve been fortunate to have the ability to work from home (WFH) and I personally love it. No more dealing with crazy morning starts fighting to get on the train and then battling to get a seat. Instead each morning I go into my home office and start work. For me it’s ideal and I still have the option of going to London when needed to ...

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New Challenges and Adventure Awaits

Today is a good day! Decisions were made, some decisions are hard to make that require over thinking and analysing and others are a lot easier as you know they are just right! This one was easy to make! Today I accepted a new role and a new challenge. I am looking forward to starting work at Couchbase as their Developer Community Manager. A role I am eager to start as I believe in open source and community, both of which are very important to me in any organisation. There are going to be some interesting times ahead, some time ...

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School is in session

I’ve had a lot of travel lately and I’ve had some time to think, when you take a step back and look at technology you realise it’s always changing always developing updating and adding new features.  It got me thinking, I should also keep updating my knowledge bank. It’s all well and good to talk about technology to people daily which I do but I also needed to understand more of it in greater depth. Last week I started my first class M101P – MongoDB 101 Python, online course for 7 weeks and given my travel lately ...

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March Madness comes to a city near you

Before Christmas, I  announced that MongoDB was planning to celebrate its own version of “March Madness” called MongoDB March Madness, an event featuring 27 of our European MongoDB User Groups.  This is the second annual March MUG Madness, and we’re thrilled that the number of requests to take part has only continued to grow.  March Madness is an annual Division 1 college basketball tournament in the U.S. which leads up to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Finals. MongoDB March Madness does not have much to do with the basketball game, however, since the event is happening in ...

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