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ALE @ KSU-Marietta - Intro to Linux Installation Saturday, 09 Sept. 2017 at 10:00 EDT

This is a placeholder for the pre-InstallFest meeting at KSU-Marietta. Primary goal is to provide steps for students to prepare their computers for installations of Linux in either a dual-boot or virtual machine setup. As time allows, we will go over a little about Linux, show some applications, servers, and other capabilities like remote access, VPN use, and a little automation. Things which must be performed BEFORE installing Linux - which must be performed before coming to the installfest on 9/16. • Backups (always required before major changes) • Defragmentation (Windows defrag) • Hardware Checks (know the CPU, RAM, GPU) • Free Storage requirements (15G min. 25G is comfortable) • Available Partitions required (Need at least 2) • CPU and RAM requirements for Virtualization (C2D or better w/ 4G or more RAM) We will have HW questionnaires and have experts available to help pick which method and distribution would be the best choice for each attendee. Cost $0 Sponsored by KSU-IEEE and ALE.

ALE @ KSU-Marietta - Linux InstallFest Saturday, 16 Sept. 2017 at 10:00 EDT

Bring your computer (desktop/laptop) and we will help you install one of the most popular Linux distribution. Be certain to attend the pre-installation meeting the prior week (9/9) to learn about prerequisites required to make the installation trauma free. Preparation of the computer MUST be performed before attending. It cannot be performed on this day, during the install efforts, in most situations. A liability release must be signed to get help at this event. More information will be provided here as the date gets closer. Expect your installation to require between 30 minutes (VM on a fast machine) and 2 hrs, if things proceed nicely. Free Linux distros will be available. CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu (multiple flavors),Linux-Mint, Fedora, and OpenSUSE. These are suitable for VM, full-wipe, and dual boot installations. Beware that dual-boot installs have risks which may require a backup to restore any prior OS installed or to get prior OSes to boot. Some refreshments will be available. Experts will be available to guide installs. This will be the 6th InstallFest that we've had at SPSU/KSU-Marietta. Cost is $0. Sponsored by KSU-IEEE and ALE.