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Putting Some Spin Back Into Ubuntu

What would the Ubuntu logo look like if it really did spin? That's a question explored recently by Andrew Kvalheim, a talented member of Ubuntu Vancouver. I can't really add much more to his eloquent analysis other than to share it with all of you. Click the circle of friends below to read Andrew's thoughts... and to see it spin! Click to see the spin! --- Thanks Andrew for your permission to cite.

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There Shall be Ubuntu Phones!!

I'm flabbergasted (is that even a word?) that no one on the Planet blogged about this (yet). That's definitively un-awesome. I *did* see posts about stuff absolutely unrelated to Ubuntu though: fictional TV series from days gone by and databases that I don't need. Why, oh why? Anyways... Today, Mark, Jono, and Rick announced that there are two (2) manufacturers that will be making phones with Ubuntu pre-installed later this year. BQmobile Meizu Now *that* is news that is worthy of Planet Ubuntu. And more than that: It's AWESOME! You should give this video a watch!

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Planet Ubuntu Needs More Awesome - Conclusion

Could Planet Ubuntu be made more awesome? Definitely. Planet Ubuntu is not as useful as it could be and we are aiming too low. Let's reboot it. In conclusion (and interpreting the I collected and summarized here and here): Readers of Planet Ubuntu are loyal. They say that they derive value from the site but they want more. Planet Ubuntu is an important part of the Ubuntu information landscape. Let's admit that and let's give it the attention and maintenance it deserves. Planet Ubuntu is nearly as important to Ubuntu as www.ubuntu.com as it represents ...

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Planet Ubuntu Needs More Awesome - Part 2

In Part 1, I presented some of the results of my surveys about Planet Ubuntu from late 2013. Didn't read the summary? There's still time! What better a way to start your day? With that behind us, let's dive into Part 2 of my promised summary along with additional bonus colour-commentary and recommendations not available anywhere else (at any price.) TL;DR: Planet Ubuntu needs a makeover. 6. Survey Says: There is a strong indication that people want a "new and improved" Planet Ubuntu. Colour Commentary: I'm firmly of the same opinion. Planet Ubuntu looks creaky ...

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Planet Ubuntu Needs More Awesome - Part 1

Could Planet Ubuntu be made more awesome? How would we do it? Where would we start? Perhaps we'd start by seeing who reads it and what those people actually think about it. During the latter weeks of 2013 I conducted a series of polls (on my blog) to determine just that. Going into this effort, I had my opinions. Some of them were validated. Some were not. What follows is my promised summary of the survey results along with my bonus colour-commentary and recommendations. TL;DR: Planet Ubuntu has the potential to be *much* more awesome, and we should ...

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