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Ubuntu Contributors' Guide

I spent a few minutes this morning writing the comprehensive Ubuntu Contributors' Guide. Here it is in all its glory: Yes, that's really all there is to it. It's simple. As obvious as this seems, there are people (names withheld) that will want you to believe otherwise. I'll elaborate in a future post. When you encounter them, please forward a copy of this flow chart. Tell them Randall sent you.

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Writing About Ubuntu? Own Your Own Content

A friend of mine sent me a link from her "+" account last night, publicizing a fundraising effort... Admittedly, I've never been impressed with "+", so I rarely (if ever) look at it. Because she was a friend, and I like to help friends, I decided to go in and see what the link was about. I ended up staying longer than I originally planned and took a look around. What did I see? I saw a lot of people who used to make Planet Ubuntu a lively, exciting, and vibrant place writing prolificly on "+" instead. Sadly and disappointingly, they rarely ...

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Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #3

I love movies. I especally love seeing movies in an old-fashioned movie theatre. The smell of popcorn. The immersiveness. The whole sensory experience. Well, almost... Why oh why must I, my friends, and my family be subjected to nonsense warnings that precede every movie shown in a theatre? You know the ones: "Silence your phone", "Silence is golden", "It only takes one phone call to ruin a movie", etc, etc. Even with all that preamble, there is inevitably someone at the theatre that ignores it, or is too distracted by their phone to see the warning. So, the messages are ...

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Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #2

I ride public transit, a lot. This gives me the "privilege" to (too often) overhear important matters that are being discussed over the phone. Can you guess the most common use case for "smart" phones? Apparently it's to obtain the answer to the world's most important question: "Where are you?" Really? We can send a rover to Mars but we can't solve this problem. Is the world engaged in one giant game of "where's Waldo?" I have yet to meet a phone that is smart. Phones have GPS, wifi, and of course cellular signalling. They also ...

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Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #1

I was ranting to some of my colleagues the other day about "smart" phones, and just how really dumb they are. The topic generated a lively discussion so I thought I'd share the fun! I have yet to meet a phone that is smart. Phones have GPS, motion sensing, and NFC, yada yada, yet they still alert/ring when someone is driving. Has society not learned that distracted driving kills people? Not cool. So, I'm sorry phones. You are *not* smart. You are as dumb as the first feature phones. Having said that, I still have optimism that ...

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