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Make Software? Come to San Francisco and Check Out Ubuntu on Power!

Do you make software that solves real-world problems? Do you want your software to be instantly available to everyone that's building cloud solutions? Did you know that Ubuntu powers most of the cloud? Some fun Ubuntu folks will be with their IBM and OpenPower friends just south of San Francisco, California next Wednesday (Nov. 5th, 2014) to talk about the future: Ubuntu on Power. The event is free, but you'll have to register in advance. Click the power button to get more information and to register! Cheers, Randall Ubuntu Community Manager Ubuntu on *Power* -- Questions? randall AT ubuntu ...

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Why Smart Phones Aren't - Reason #4

I used to believe that computer mediated communication made the world a better place... Have you ever noticed a couple sitting together not being "together"? Or perhaps a group of friends eating in a restaurant or enjoying drinks in a bar, but largely not interacting with one another? In these situations, the people that seem to be the centre of the event are the people that aren't there. "Smart" phones, you make me ill. You are incentivizing human disconnection. You are weakening the bonds between people that inhabit the same space. You are the ultimate expression of design fail ...

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On Changes, Ubuntu, "Magic Spells", and Real Power

In a previous blog post, I hinted at a recent development in my life/career that I would like to share with you today... Many of you know me from my involvement in building local communities that are passionate about Ubuntu. I've been at this for nearly 7 years now as a volunteer and it's something I'm very passionate about. (Note: Friends and family sometimes use different adjectives.) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RandallRoss Over this time, I've had the privilege to meet and to work with many brilliant people in Vancouver BC, the community-at-large and also ...

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Happy 10th Birthday Ubuntu!

Ubuntu is 10 today! That's reason to celebrate. I encourage everyone who's ever enjoyed or contributed to Ubuntu to find the most fun, outrageous, and outlandish birthday photo you can and post it to Planet Ubuntu (or to your favourite place if you can't post here). (If you're not a Planet Ubuntu author, please link to your post in the comments so others can find it here.) Here's my favourite birthday photo: Put Orange Candles on Your Head and Celebrate Ubuntu! 10 years may seem like an eternity in the tech world, but I like ...

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Ubuntu Contributors' Guide

I spent a few minutes this morning writing the comprehensive Ubuntu Contributors' Guide. Here it is in all its glory: Yes, that's really all there is to it. It's simple. As obvious as this seems, there are people (names withheld) that will want you to believe otherwise. I'll elaborate in a future post. When you encounter them, please forward a copy of this flow chart. Tell them Randall sent you.

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