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Being busy and trying to prioritise your workload

I’m busy! I’ve noticed more and more that’s all people seem to say lately. As soon as you say hi how’s things? Or how have you been? It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a developer, sales, marketing, accounting or admin everyone is busy. But that’s life and we all have a role to play and sometimes it is just that. It’s busy. I know each day when I boot up my trusty Penny, I have a tasks to do that are repetitious: Open up email, calendar, Kanbhan board and then log ...

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Africa Unite

So the peeps over in the Ubuntu-ZA loco has been busy lately and are trying to help build platforms to unite Ubuntu users all over the African continent. From Miles Sharps (kilos on freenode) post: The idea was to try to link all LoCos in Africa in one channel so we can share experience and expertise and grow Ubuntu in the whole of Africa. I was rather shocked to find that apart from the ZA team on #ubuntu-za the rest of the continents LoCos had kinda faded away. But half of them now join us on #ubuntu-africa. After a few ...

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Introducing the Juju Charmer

Today, Ubuntu Vancouver is proud to release our newest ubuntu-themed cocktail: the Juju Charmer! The Juju Charmer cocktail has been meticulously crafted to meet the highest quality standards of the Juju Charmers team and community Charmers everywhere. After a full development cycle including rigorous testing, an alpha, and a beta, and numerous reviews we've refined this cocktail to match the quality and consistency that one would expect from the best Charms. Best practices distilled and mixed! We've also worked extra hard to ensure that the taste and colour of this beautiful cocktail is something that you, your friends ...

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We're Going to Party in a Charming Way!

Folks, I've noticed many of you are either in Vancouver or on your way to party with us. That's a good thing! Our party is tomorrow (Thursday May 21st). You've made the right decision to join us. Tickets are going fast. I recommend that you grab some while you can. Remember the Ubuntini? On Thursday, we'll be unveiling something the world has not seen (or tasted) yet; the perfect encore to our now globally famous Ubuntini. Be there for the world premiere of our latest ubuntu-themed cocktail! Wear orange, dress as a cosmonaut, or simply come ...

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What I’ve learned from working from home in a distributed team and organisation

Working from home in a distributed team within and organisation can definitely be a plus but with it comes some hurdles to get used to. This is my 3rd role in which I’ve been fortunate to have the ability to work from home (WFH) and I personally love it. No more dealing with crazy morning starts fighting to get on the train and then battling to get a seat. Instead each morning I go into my home office and start work. For me it’s ideal and I still have the option of going to London when needed to ...

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