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Ubuntu Release Party (Santa Rosa City)

This event is part of Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party
Sat, 15 Oct. 2011 14:00 - 17:00 PST

Food, fun and free Linux

Please bring USB drives for Ubuntu images, Linux videos and complete issues of Full Circle Magazine.
We'll have a few raffle prizes, group picture and more.

Three main goals of this small gathering:
to introduce to IT students, professionals and enthusiasts in the city Ubuntu and free and open source software (FOSS)
to start building a sub-community of Ubuntu Team Philippines
* to hangout with friends, share ideas and have fun

Starbucks Coffee, Paseo de Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa
Paseo de Santa Rosa , Laguna


  1. J. Austin Rodriguez

    Here is the link to the presentation we used during this event http://ubuntuone.com/5T1MsElfLkYCKYoLBRHenQ Feel free to use and share :-)

    16 October 2011

  2. J. Austin Rodriguez

    Special thanks to the people who sponsored this event:
    * Don Melvin's
    * Dra. Limjuico-Entrada Dental Clinic
    * The Facebooth Photo Co. http://on.fb.me/o31aJI

    16 October 2011

  3. J. Austin Rodriguez

    Thanks to all those who came! We'll have more gatherings like this in the future. Enjoy Ubuntu!

    16 October 2011

  4. J. Austin Rodriguez

    For more details, you may contact Jean Austin at +639228854939.

    12 October 2011

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