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meltingcon 2018

Sat, 26 May 2018 01:00 - 18:00 KST

MeltingCon is an event involving the mobile development community and the other IT development communities.
The primary purpose of the event is communication and mutual cooperation, The theme of the event is the developer is lucky start.
in this time, the communities prepared a lot of announcements.

You Can See Detail :


-  Common Track 
+ (Keynote) Modern IT Story - "Windows and Office as a Service"
+ (Mini Talk) Running a developer community in the province

- Track A
+ Using Linux with iTerm on Windows 10
+ Introduction to LXD, Differences from Docker, MAAS, Juju and LXD.
+ Go to PyCon 2018.
+BigData Scale Deep Learning On Spark & Horovod

- Track B
+Applying CUDA to game projects
+The easiest way to use reactives Getting started with Next.js.
+Starting the Vue.js project (from modular to deployment)
+Creating a Python API with C ++

- Track C
+Session example
+Cloud of Netflix
+Do you know game QA?
+A very old keyword extraction system development machine.

- Track D
+Facebook F8 vs. Google IO
+Silicon Valley, his high quality life
+The first year of non-major developer life.
+On the Effect of the Translation of the Technique to the Developer (Ver 1.5).

Microsoft Korea
대한민국 서울특별시 종로구 중학동 19
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