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Ubuntu 12.10 Massive Start

This event is part of Quantal- Ubuntu 12.10 Release party
Thu, 18 Oct. 2012 18:00 - 20:00 +07

Here is event from Omsk Linuxoids.
There are our steps to make the event:

  1. We are making CD or flash discs with Ubuntu 12.10.

  2. A group of ubuntologists are infiltrating into a popular local computer shop.

  3. Participants of the group are spreading all over the room of the said shop. And they all together are starting Ubuntu in Live-mode with "toram" option.

  4. CD or flash discs with Ubuntu 12.10 are getting out.

  5. ...

  6. PROFIT!

  7. Also we can add to our taste: photos from event, interviews with astonished users in the shop, afterparty.

We encourage you all to do the same all over the World.

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