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Manchester Lucid Ubuntu Global Jam

This event is part of Global Jam
Sat, 27 March 2010 10:00 - Sun, 28 March 2010 16:00 UTC

Location: MadLab - in the Northern Quarter (36 Edge Street) - http://www.madlab.org.uk
Dates: 27 - 28th March, 2010. 10-4pm
Description: An informal meet up of people working together to make Ubuntu 10.04 the best release yet!

The Ubuntu Global Jam is an incredible opportunity for the worldwide Ubuntu community to work together during the weekend of 26th – 28th March 2010 to improve Ubuntu.

What is a Jam?
The Ubuntu Global Jam evolved out of the concept of Bug Jams, People would come together to sit down in the same room to fix, find and triage bugs. However bugs are just one facet of the challenges involved in producing an operating system that strives for high quality such as Ubuntu. Thus it was expanded to cover many topics and activities, forming the Ubuntu Global Jam.

We will be providing training on how to use launchpad (the development system that powers Ubuntu and its community), how to find and report bugs, and give help and guidance on anything else
you might have problems with on the day. You don't need to have a technical background, anyone who's used Ubuntu can contribute.

The main themes that people get involved with at Jams are:

  • Bugs – finding, triaging and fixing bugs.

  • Testing – testing the new release and reporting your feedback.

  • Upgrade – upgrading to Lucid from Hardy or Karmic and reporting your
    upgrade experience.

  • Documentation – writing documentation about how to use Ubuntu and how
    to join the community.

  • Translations – translating Ubuntu and helping to make it available in
    everyone’s local language (including UK English!).

  • Packaging – work on Ubuntu packages and improve them.

  • Other – other types of contribution such as marketing and advocacy

See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam for more info

What you need to bring:
A computer of some kind that can access the internet via Ethernet or
wifi, you can even bring your desktop if you need to.
A mug for tea!(for cups of tea)
* A Smile and the will to make Lucid Lynx the best Ubuntu version yet :)

Schedule / Presentations:

Presentation (Sat AM): “Reporting Bugs: Real life guide to improving Free Software” by Michael Dorrington

More information about things to do on the day is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ManchesterJam10-04/Info


Simon Wears
Gordon Allott
Lucy Bridges
Les Pounder
Luke Taylor
Michael Dorrington

36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN
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