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Sat, 03 Sept. 2011 14:00 - 16:00 PDT

Ubuntu Oregon will be holding Ubuntu Global Jam events at PuppetLabs (Portland, OR) this year. Our event is open to Existing and New Ubuntu Oregon Members plus their guests and additionally we have invited some of our friends. Ubuntu Global Jam is an international event that takes place worldwide and is aimed at stepping up LoCo Team contributions to the Ubuntu Community. Ubuntu Oregon invites people of all skill levels to come and take part in this exciting event.

We will be focusing on Bugs, Documentation, Wiki Cleanup, IRC Support and more but don't fret if you do not know how to do these things since people of all skill levels will be attending you can just watch or choose to learn and plus this is also a social event.


Ubuntu Oregon through genourous donations is able to do a few giveaways and generally handout some swag to include Ubuntu Oregon T-Shirts, LinuxJournal Swag (T-Shirts, Magazines, Stickers & Subscriptions), ThinkGeek Gift Certificate, Official Ubuntu Stickers, Windows Key Replacement Stickers & Powered by Ubuntu Stickers. Ubuntu User (Magazines, Stickers & Postcards)

Notably, in addition to the giveaways we will be handing stuff out so everyone should walk away with something!

Food & Beverage:
Ubuntu Oregon will have light snacks and beverages available on-site at no cost.

PuppetLabs will be hosting us at their corporate offices where we will likely break into groups to do some contributing to the project and additionally they have open areas where food and beverage will be available for you to consume and socialize

Ubuntu Oregon would like to thank PuppetLabs (Venue & Beverages), Rentrak (Food), RackSpace (Ubuntu Oregon T-Shirts), Linbit (Ubuntu Stickers), LinuxJournal (T-Shirts, Stickers, Subscriptions), Ubuntu User (Stickers/Swag/Other Stuff?), ThinkGeek ($50 Gift Certificate) if it were not for their contributions to this event we might not have been able to setup such a awesome jam.

Additional Community Friends:
FreeGeek, OSU OSL and PHPFog may have some people in attendance so this will be an excellent opportunity to network, socialize and contribute and get more people involved with Ubuntu here in Oregon.

Code of Conduct:
Please remember that this is a Ubuntu Oregon event and we ask that all attendees comply with the Ubuntu Code of Conduct at events and in official channels (IRS, Mailing List, Forums etc) http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct

If you have any questions about the event do not hesitate to e-mail bkerensa@ubunt-oregon.org or additionally the mailing list.

411 NW Park , OR


  1. ivanoats

    will see if I can get day off to come down from Seattle but may just participate in irc channel

    01 September 2011

  2. Tobin Davis

    I should have looked at the date. I was incorrectly informed that it was this Saturday (8/27). I'm out with the famn damily next weekend. :(

    25 August 2011

  3. Tobin Davis

    Can I bring an arm platform or two? I have an arm netbook and a dev platform (dev platform will need a monitor with dvi or hdmi). Ping me on #ubuntu-armel or email me at gmail.

    25 August 2011

  4. Cody Smith

    That it should be! I might have to get some tunes going from my Laptop at this event!

    24 August 2011

  5. Benjamin Kerensa

    This is going to be epic... Just saying!

    17 August 2011

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