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Thu, 03 April 2014 14:00 - 15:00 MDT (-0600)

Agenda Items

  • Team RoadmapEmma Marshall

    I would like to propose the following items as potential ways to spread Ubuntu in Colorado. As these are mainly community and social focused, I would love to hear about any technical contributions our team is willing to make to help improve Ubuntu. These could include bug bashes, blog article tutorials or anything development related. Any ideas and volunteers are welcome and appreciated!

    Release parties every 6 months

    Serve as Welcome Committee for new Ubuntu users in Colorado

    Represent Colorado Ubuntu team in weekly Trivia tournaments at "Geeks Who Drink"

    Post photos and events on the team Wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColoradoTeam

    Free Ubuntu Sticker Program distribution for System76 https://www.system76.com/community/stickers/

    Update the Colorado Rocks blog

    CD Distribution