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Agenda Items

  • WelcomeMiles Sharpe

    Welcome new people

  • Review previous minutesGustav H Meyer


  • Administrativia & AnnouncementsSteven Scheffler
    • Twitter channel announcement (including people who will be able to post), and website updates ideas (ubuntu-za.org)

    • Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO to secure sponsorships for projects, marketing, and secure booths at big events.

    • Team ReportsGustav H Meyer

      We need a volunteer to summarize our activities each month. see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports

  • Ubuntu ExperienceGustav H Meyer

    Send in your stories

    • ubuntu-za involvement & opportunitiesGustav H Meyer

      Highlight projects where we know of ubuntu-za team member involvement and opportunities for further involvement

  • EventsGustav H Meyer

    Tell us about any upcoming events or those that have just happened.

    • Feedback from UDSGustav H Meyer

      We should try to get some feedback from guys like tumbleweed and highvoltage who attended the UDS (A five day event for Ubuntu contributors in Oakland, California on 7 - 11 May 2012). Who else was there and who's planning to go to the next one?

    • Ubuntu HoursGustav H Meyer

      Discuss any plans for UH's

      • Feedback from the Rosebank UH on 2 JuneGustav H Meyer

        Get some feedback about the Ubuntu Hour event on 2 June in Rosebank (see: http://bit.ly/JD0qCS) from queery & HawkiesZA.

    • Install festsMiles Sharpe

      Plans for install fests in the different regions depending on availability of cd's

    • Volunteers for talk at CPUTmaiatoday

      We'll be running a two-day workshop at the Department of Information Technology, Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the first week of August. If you would be interested in giving a talk, please drop me an email. And I would appreciate it if you could refer to me anyone you think might be interested.

      Any interesting topic -on FoSS (packaging, cloud/virtualization, software development, e.t.c.)- would definitely be accepted. It is an event aimed at bringing together industry, developers, educators and the community and any other interested parties to discuss open source, open web, and academic/industry partnerships.

      You will be presenting to both the academic staff and postgraduate students in the Department of IT. Hence, the sophistication level has got to be very high. The duration of your talk is 30min., 15min. for demo and 15min. for Q&A.

  • Revival of LPI classes at #linux-studiesMiles Sharpe

    Hey all, lets try revive our LPI classes (see: http://linux-studies.za.net )

  • Next meetingGustav H Meyer

    Announce next date and chair