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I’ve had a lot of travel lately and I’ve had some time to think, when you take a step back and look at technology you realise it’s always changing always developing updating and adding new features.  It got me thinking, I should also keep updating my knowledge bank. It’s all well and good to talk about technology to people daily which I do but I also needed to understand more of it in greater depth.

Last week I started my first class M101P – MongoDB 101 Python, online course for 7 weeks and given my travel lately having something online is ideal for me. I’ve chosen python as I’ve wanted to learn python for a while now so killing two birds with one stone, there is also java which I did at college and never really loved! and node.js which I don’t have any experience but perhaps the next time I’ll try that course.

As I’m running Ubuntu (currently trusty) it’s simple to get started, either via the software centre or by following the instructions in the docs.

Ubuntu Software Centre

Install MongoDB via Ubuntu Software Centre


If you follow the tutorial which I’m currently doing it starts off with what is MongoDB? Some easy definitions but you do feel you are learning things as after each short video from Andrew ( the teacher) you have a short quiz. Makes the learning a bit more fun and also not as boring.

What is in store for M101P

What is in store for M101P


After following through the sections it’s easy to plan out the 2 hours I need to do the class, and then 2 hours I need for homework, I’m not doing it for the cert which you can get, I just want to expand my knowledge. So many applications like Ubuntu use MongoDB, if you’re using JuJu you can use the MongoDB Charm.  I love the way our tools overlap with one another but that means I need to understand more. Hopefully this class will help me with this and it should be a fun few weeks taking part. It’s free online course which could be useful and it’s always good to learn about new open source projects out there,

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